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i fight

i-Fight is a fighting game unlike any other. Fully interactive, it allows you to create sequences of moves to beat three different opponents. In i-Fight, you have fun while testing your strength and agility. Feel the thrill of wrestling with this breathtaking game!

  • Multiply your score with sequences of moves
  • Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection
  • Exciting theme music and interactive sound effects make the game more involving
  • Feel the sensation of challenging opponents in this game that simulates the underground wrestling scene
  • Boxing bag, in synthetic leather, equipped with electronic devices that measure the impact force
  • LED displays are located in the game console, which draws attention at distance
  • Super LED Displays show credits, time, score and highscore
  • I-Fight measures your strength and displays the power of your hits through the 'Power' bar
  • The 'Life' bar displays the opponent's health. The more you hit the punching bag, the more you decrease the vitality of the opponent. When the machine is not playing, this LED display works as an electronic panel to promote interactive messages.

Length: 1,60 m | 5' 3”
Width: 1,60 m | 5' 3”
Height: 2,38 m | 7' 9 4/5”
Weight: 160 Kg | 352,8 Lb
110V/220V 60Hz