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Professional Bowling

The new generation of Bowling pinsetter makes operations such as bottle lining, sweeping and ball returning easier and more reasonable, boosting the operating efficiency of the equipment. In the respect of designing, the new generation of Xima bowling equipment highlights practicability. Steel and aluminum are employed in its mechanical construction to render it more solid and durable. The control through mechanical-electrical integration brings greater simplicity in manipulation, greater reliability in operation, lowered rate of failure and convenient maintenance

Synthetic Lane
As a new generation of bowling lane made of synthetic materials, the synthetic lane has a unique synthetic surface with sandwich layer, which makes it firm, wearable, and capable of sustaining repeated and violent strikes of high thrown balls without fracture or fluff. It is easy to maintain as well.

Scoring System
XIMA Scoring is recorded accurately and quickly. With the colorful and elegant three-dimensional animation shown by the hanging LCD, the player can see the points clearly at a glance. It is quite convenient to monitor the records because the floor control board and the monitor are combined into one and the player can make his choice according to his preference.

Ball Returns
The unparalleled high-tech electron ball return system is very stable in performance. The ball rising machine and moderate height, making it easy for the player to fetch balls. The two layers Ball Rack The ball returns, with permanently lubricated positive lift elevators, keep the action moving. Holding up to 12 balls, with the option to add more ball storage below, these returns feature integrated reset buttons, hand dryers, and accent colors that can be coordinated with your bowling furniture.

Masking Units
Masking units brighten your center in an explosion of graphic color and excitement . Choose from standard graphics, or design your own unique image. We will create your exclusive Lanesscape masking units to complement your center's style and decor.

House ball racks
Creates house ball storage near the lanes and additional food and beverage surfaces In-line top, 3-rail (12 ball) Circular top, 2-rail (12 ball) or 3-rail (18 ball) Optional table-mounted scoring console available for circular ball racks

Twin bench seating
2 fixed seats maximize space while promoting easy traffic flow to bowlers area.

Optional Features
Ashtray/drink holders End table with ashtray/drink holders