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i Monster

Oh no! Earth is being invaded by monsters, yet again! Get ready to shoot the horrible mutants with your trusty monster gun as they quickly infest this former peaceful kingdom. You'll need a steady hand and nerves of steel to take down the targets. Prove your aim and agility and enjoy as much fun as you can have killing the beasts. So do you have what it takes to be a monster hunter? Watch out, they're coming...Good luck in your mission.

  • Exclusive Game: unique in the market
  • Outstanding aircraft design with desert camouflage
  • Combat music and sound effects
  • Colorful bright LED's indicate the targets to bomb
  • Super LED Displays show credits, time, score and highscore
  • Automatic Electronic Scoring System
  • Operated by coin, token or smartcard for easy collection
  • Prepared for Redemption

Length: 1,60 m | 5' 3”
Width: 1,87 m | 6' 1 3/5”
Height: 0,92 m | 3' 1/5”
Weight: 100 kg | 220,5 Lb
110V/220V 60Hz